Obama – A Promised Land

Meine Unterstreichungen aus Promised Land von Obama:


Hundreds of millions of dollars it would take just to win the Democratic nomination (S.75)

Uiuiui. Das ist schon eine hohe Hürde.

Take whatever question they give you, give `em a quick line to make it seem like you answered it… and then talk about what you want to talk about. (S. 89) David Axelrod

Einfach ein guter Ratschlag, für alle, die in die Politik wollen, oder verstehen wollen, warum in Polit-Talkshows nichts passiert.

A lot of Democratic politicians take the Black voters for granted – at least since 1968, when Richard Nixon had determined that a politics of white racial resentment was the surest path to Republican victory […] (S. 118.)

Ich dachte immer, dass es an Johnson lag. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/lbj-voting-democratic/

Palin’s nomination was troubling on a deeper level. I noticed from the start that her incoherence didn’t matter to the vast majority of Republicans; in fact, anytime she crumbled under questioning by a journalist, they seemed to view it as proof of a liberal conspiracy. (S.170)

Ah, Sarah Palin hatte ich ganz vergessen. So wow. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nokTjEdaUGg

I disagreed with just about every one of George W. Bush’s major policy decisions, but I’d come to like the man, finding him to be straightforward, disarming, and self-deprecating in his humor. (S186)

I was new and unexpected, a blank canvas upon which supporters across the ideological spectrum could project their own vision of change (S.210)

Ich weiß noch, wie alle damals selbst in Deutschland total euphorisch waren. Das war unterhaltsam.

[N]o one had forced me to be the president and […] needed to just suck it up and do my job. (S.223)

Trifft auf die meisten Dinge zu.

As our society grew more complex, more and more the government’s function took the form of social insurance. (S.275)

[I]t was often the generals, rather than civilians, who counseled restraint when it came to the use of force. (S.319)

High-IQ morons (S.389)

Beste Wortwahl, interessante und bekannte Kategorie. Werde ich nun auch öfter Nutzen um presidential zu klingen.

The sight of a head of state making him- or herself accessible for direct questioning from citizens was a novelty– and a more meaningful argument for democracy than any lecture I might give. (S.449.)

As a matter of policy, any transition to a clean energy future would take decades to complete; in the meantime, I had no problem with increasing U.S. oil and gas production to reduce our reliance on imports from petrostates like Russia ans Saudi Arabia. (S559)

Dieser Realo.

„In uncertain times, Mr. President,“ [Manmohan Singh] said, „the call of religious and ethnic solidarity can be intoxicating. And it’s not so hard for politicians to exploit that, in India or anywhere else.“ (S.601)

„I thought he opposes settlements,“ I said. „He does,“ Ben said. „He also opposes us doing anything to actually top settlement. (S.632) Über einen Congressman der Demokraten.

Gotta love politicking.

Es liest sich wirklich gut, aber ich weiß nicht, wem ich dieses Buch empfehlen würde. Leuten die sich immer über die Politik aufregen? Allen Obama-Fans. Es sind mehr als 700 Seiten. Wer liest so viel?